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Using Kubernetes API from Go: Kubecon 2017 session recap

Last month I had the great pleasure of attending Kubecon… Read more

19 Jan 2018 in Learning Resource

How Microservices, Containers, and Open Source Contributions Have Shaped Rancher (So Far)

Rancher Labs has been developing open source projects for about… Read more

16 Jun 2016 in Uncategorized

Rancher Controller for the Kubernetes Ingress Feature


Rancher has supported Kubernetes as one of our orchestration framework options since March 2016. We’ve incorporated Kubernetes as an essential element within Rancher. It is integrated with all of the core Rancher capabilities to achieve the maximum advantage for both platforms.

26 May 2016 in Learning Resource&News

Rancher Service Discovery Hidden Gems

These hidden gems of functionality built into Rancher Service Discovery have great value to the user.

09 Mar 2016 in Uncategorized

Introducing Rancher Service Discovery integration with Amazon Route53

Hello, I’m Alena Prokharchyk, one of the developers here at… Read more

06 Nov 2015 in Learning Resource

Virtual Host Routing for Docker using Rancher Load Balancer

Rancher Logo

Hello, I’m Alena Prokharchyk, an engineer at Rancher Labs. In… Read more

31 Jul 2015 in Learning Resource