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Focus on Services, Not on Containers

Containers may be super cool, but at the end of the day, they’re just another kind of infrastructure. A seasoned developer is probably already familiar with several other kinds of infrastructure and approaches to deploying applications. Another is not really that big of a deal. However, when the infrastructure creates new possibilities with the way – Read More…

07 Jun 2017 in Learning Resource

Your Guide to Container Security

Your storage system should be locked down with all security and access control tools available to you as well. That is true whether the storage serves containers or any other type of application environment. How do you secure containers? That may sound like a simple question, but it actually has a six- or seven-part answer. – Read More…

29 Mar 2017 in Learning Resource

Securing a Containerized Instance of MongoDB

Securing MongoDB

MongoDB, the popular open source NoSQL database, has been in the news a lot recently—and not for reasons that are good for MongoDB admins. Early this year, reports began appearing of MongoDB databases being “taken hostage” by attackers who delete all of the data stored inside the databases, then demand ransoms to restore it. Security – Read More…

09 Mar 2017 in Learning Resource