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An Introduction to Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE)

Kubernetes installation is considered one of the toughest problems for… Read more

29 Nov 2017 in About Rancher&Learning Resource

Kubernetes Authentication in Rancher and RBAC

As of version 1.6.3, Rancher introduced the Role-Based Access Control… Read more

22 Sep 2017 in About Rancher

The External ELB Rancher Catalog Template

Rancher ships with two types of catalog items to deploy… Read more

25 Oct 2016 in Learning Resource

Deploying a NodeJS Application on Kubernetes and Rancher

nodejs logo

The native support for Kubernetes in Rancher gives you the ability to launch multiple Kubernetes clusters and Rancher will take care of deploying these clusters into your environment

04 May 2016 in Learning Resource

Creating a MongoDB Replicaset with the Rancher Kubernetes Catalog

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Rancher is expanding its capabilities by adding Kubernetes support by adding all the key features of Kubernetes to Rancher management platform. This gives the users the ability to use and create their own intricate designs using features like the Application Catalog.

25 Apr 2016 in Learning Resource

Using Rancher Compose Templates to Build a Secure Consul Cluster

Recently, Rancher released a community catalog that will contain entries of Compose templates generated by the community. By default, the catalog in Rancher UI is populated from the Rancher catalog repository under the name “library catalog”. Now, you can also see the community catalog as well.

This post will introduce how to build a secure Consul cluster as a Rancher Compose template that will be an addition to the newly released Rancher community catalog.

10 Mar 2016 in Learning Resource