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RBAC, Kubernetes, and Rancher


With Kubernetes 1.6 came the beta release of the role-based access control (RBAC) feature. This feature allows admins to create policies defining which users can access which resources within a Kubernetes cluster or namespace. Kubernetes itself does not have a native concept of users and instead delegates to an external authentication system. As of version – Read More…

10 Jul 2017 in About Rancher

RancherOS Now Works Natively with Packet

We’re excited to announce that RancherOS is now available as a first-class operating system on Packet for all instance types. Packet is a bare metal cloud that combines the speed of physical hardware with the flexibility and ease of use of virtualized infrastructure. We’ve always been fans of Packet and we make use of it internally quite – Read More…

03 Nov 2016 in News

What’s New in RancherOS v0.7.0

Version v0.7.0 of RancherOS, which mainly contains bug fixes and enhancements, was recently released and is now available on our releases page. Since there hasn’t been a blog post since the v0.5.0 release, this post also includes some of the key features implemented as part of v0.6.0 and v0.6.1. In addition to switching the default – Read More…

31 Oct 2016 in Learning Resource&News

What’s New in RancherOS v0.5.0

We’ve recently released v0.5.0 of RancherOS, the latest major release since v0.4.0. Since then, we’ve moved RancherOS out of an alpha state and made many changes to improve both stability and user experience. In addition to various bug fixes and support for Docker 1.11, v0.5.0 includes the following changes: Official Raspberry Pi Image On our – Read More…

12 Aug 2016 in News