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Beyond Kubernetes Container Orchestration

If you’re going to successfully deploy containers in production, you need more than just container orchestration Kubernetes is a valuable tool Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestrator for deploying and managing containerized applications. Building on 15 years of experience running production workloads at Google, it provides the advantages inherent to containers, while enabling DevOps teams to build – Read More…

23 Mar 2017 in About Rancher&Thought Leadership

Rancher 1.5 ensures enterprise-readiness

On Friday we released version 1.5 of the Rancher container management platform.  The enhancements in this release are designed to help ensure enterprise- as well as production-readiness.  Additional webhooks improve Rancher extensibility and enable you to optimize overall infrastructure utilization.    New API, networking and container scheduling policies provide  fine-grained control of the container environment.  Additional enhancements – Read More…

06 Mar 2017 in About Rancher

Top 5 challenges with deploying containers in production

  Docker containers make app development easier. But deploying them in production can be hard. Software developers are typically focused on a single application, application stack or workload that they need to run on a specific infrastructure. In production, however, a diverse set of applications run on a variety of technology (e.g. Java, LAMP, etc.), which – Read More…

24 Feb 2017 in Uncategorized