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Playing Catch-up with Docker and Containers

This article is essentially a guide to getting started with Docker for people who, like me, have a strong IT background but feel a little behind the curve when it comes to containers. We live in an age where new and wondrous technologies are being introduced into the market regularly. If you’re an IT professional, part – Read More…

17 Feb 2017 in Learning Resource

Introducing Containers into Your DevOps Processes: Five Considerations

Docker has been a source of excitement and experimentation among developers since March 2013, when it was released into the world as an open source project. As the platform has become more stable and achieved increased acceptance from development teams, a conversation about when and how to move from experimentation to the introduction of containers – Read More…

15 Feb 2017 in Learning Resource

Containers: Making Infrastructure as Code Easier

What do Docker containers have to do with Infrastructure as Code (IaC)? In a word, everything. Let me explain. When you compare monolithic applications to microservices, there are a number of trade-offs. On the one hand, moving from a monolithic model to a microservices model allows the processing to be separated into distinct units of – Read More…

31 Jan 2017 in Learning Resource

Security for your Container Environment

Securing the container stack

As one of the most disruptive technologies in recent years, container-based applications are rapidly gaining traction as a platform on which to launch applications. But as with any new technology, the security of containers in all stages of the software lifecycle must be our highest priority. This post seeks to identify some of the inherent – Read More…

26 Jan 2017 in Learning Resource

Moving Containers to Production – A Short Checklist

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been watching the increasing growth of container-based solutions with considerable interest, and you’ve probably been experimenting with a couple of ideas. At some point in the future, perhaps you’d like to take those experiments and actually put them out there for people to use. Why wait? It’s a new – Read More…

10 Jan 2017 in Learning Resource