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Setting Up a Docker Registry with JFrog Artifactory and Rancher

For any team using containers – whether in development, test, or production – an enterprise-grade registry is a non-negotiable requirement. JFrog Artifactory is much beloved by Java developers, and it’s easy to use as a Docker registry as well. To make it even easier, we’ve put together a short walkthrough to setting things up Artifactory – Read More…

27 Jul 2017 in Learning Resource

Hidden Dependencies with Microservices

One of the great things about microservices is that they allow engineering to decouple software development from application lifecycle. Every microservice: can be written in its own language, be it Go, Java, or Python can be contained and isolated form others can be scaled horizontally across additional nodes and instances is owned by a single – Read More…

15 Dec 2016 in Learning Resource

Traefik Active Load Balancer on Rancher

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Traefik Active Load Balancer to provide the users a better choice, we’ve created an “active mode” load balancer using Docker labels and rancher-metadata. The load balancer scans rancher-metadata and is able to configure itself and provide access to services that have configured certain labels.

24 May 2016 in Learning Resource

Deploying GoCD using Docker Compose on Rancher

GoCD agents are the responsible to run pipeline tasks. Because of this, it may be that your agents have dependencies to install specific software in your pipelines, to compile and build you app, e.g. Python, Maven, Ruby, etc. To avoid these potential software dependencies, it’s recommended to use to compile and build your app with docker-builders.

11 Apr 2016 in Learning Resource