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DockerCon EU Impressions

I just came back from DockerCon EU. I have not… Read more

20 Oct 2017 in Thought Leadership

Where is Docker headed?

I am heading to Copenhagen this week to attend DockerCon… Read more

15 Oct 2017 in Thought Leadership

Announcing Rancher 2.0: the next major release of the container management platform

We achieved another significant milestone today at Rancher Labs. After… Read more

26 Sep 2017 in About Rancher&Learning Resource&Thought Leadership

What containerd means for Rancher and RancherOS

containerd is an industry-standard core container runtime that was initially released… Read more

20 Jun 2017 in About Rancher&Learning Resource&Thought Leadership&Uncategorized

DockerCon 2017 – Thoughts and Impressions

We’ve just returned from DockerCon 2017, which was a fantastic experience…. Read more

21 Apr 2017 in About Rancher&Thought Leadership

Announcing Longhorn: an open source project for microservices-based distributed block storage

I’m super excited to unveil Project Longhorn, a new way… Read more

17 Apr 2017 in Learning Resource&Thought Leadership