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Rancher Labs 2017 Predictions: Rapid Adoption and Innovation to Come

2017 Predictions: Rapid Adoption and Innovation to Come Rapid adoption of container orchestration frameworks As more companies use containers in production, adoption of orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes, Mesos, Cattle and Docker Swarm will increase as well. These projects have evolved quickly in terms of stability, community and partner ecosystem, and will act as necessary and – Read More…

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A major milestone for our team and the Rancher community

In the next few months we’ll continue to rush forward with Rancher, always working to adjust the project to meet new requirements as they arise. We’ll continue expanding on our support of Kubernetes and Docker Swarm, and developing new infrastructure capabilities that will make it even easier to deploy and manage applications.

10 May 2016 in News

Press Release: Rancher Labs Secures Series B Funding of $20M for Container Management Platform

Rancher Labs builds innovative, open-source container management software for enterprises leveraging containers to accelerate software development and improve IT operations. With native support for Docker Swarm and Kubernetes orchestration, our flagship Rancher platform allows users to manage all aspects of running containers in development and production environments.

09 May 2016 in News

Recording: March 2016 Online Meetup: Building Containers-as-a-Service

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Rancher is out of Beta, in our March online meetup we shared how  to build a full-stack container platform. After nine months of beta, hundreds of thousands of downloads, and endless contributions to the open source community, Rancher 1.0 is now available. To celebrate, we focused our March meetup on demonstrating what’s new in 1.0 and providing an overview on – Read More…

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Introducing Kubernetes Environments in Rancher – Recorded Online Meetup – February 2016

Over the last few months our team at Rancher Labs has been adding support for Kubernetes within Rancher. We’ve been implementing Kubernetes in a way that takes advantage of Rancher’s platform orchestration, simple UI, access control, networking and storage capabilities to deliver simple to deploy Kubernetes clusters for managing applications. In our February meetup we introduced this new – Read More…

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Building an Application Catalog with Rancher – Recorded Online Meetup – Jan 2016

Docker Compose is a great framework for deploying application stacks, and at Rancher we’ve been working hard to make it possible to leverage that framework to create a catalog of application blueprints that can be repeatably configured and deployed. In this recording of our January online meetup, we demonstrated the new Catalog feature in Rancher – Read More…

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