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RancherOS 1.1.0: Updated Docker support, VMware, Syslinux, and more

RancherOS v1.1.0 is now available! It includes a number of key enhancements such as: VMWare ESXi support; improved OS level logging, including boot-time logs; remote Syslog logging; and built in Logrotate and Cron services. Syslinux support has improved with the addition of a boot menu, allowing you to select debug, autologin, and recovery consoles.

04 Sep 2017 in Learning Resource&News

RancherOS v0.8.0 released!

RancherOS v0.8.0 is now available!  This release has taken a bit more time than prior versions, as we’ve been laying more groundwork to allow us to do much faster updates, and to release more often. Release Highlights Using the Linux 4.9.9 mainline kernel Using the mainline stable Linux kernel should allow us to give container – Read More…

22 Feb 2017 in News