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What App Developers Should Know About Kubernetes Networking


In the world of containers, Kubernetes has become the community standard for container orchestration and management. But there are some basic elements surrounding networking that need to be considered as applications are built to ensure that full multi-cloud capabilities can be leveraged.   The Basics of Kubernetes Networking: Pods The basic unit of management inside – Read More…

17 Jul 2017 in Learning Resource

Moving Your Monolith: Best Practices and Focus Areas

You have a complex monolithic system that is critical to your business. You’ve read articles and would love to move it to a more modern platform using microservices and containers, but you have no idea where to start. If that sounds like your situation, then this is the article for you. Below, I identify best – Read More…

26 Jun 2017 in Learning Resource

Do Microservices Make SOA Irrelevant?

Is service-oriented architecture, or SOA, dead? You may be tempted to think so. But that’s not really true. Yes, SOA itself may have receded into the shadows as newer ideas have come forth, yet the remnants of SOA are still providing the fuel that is propelling the microservices market forward. That’s because incorporating SOA principles – Read More…

09 May 2017 in Learning Resource

Better Security Using Containers

As a relatively new technology, Docker containers may seem like a risk when it comes to security — and it’s true that, in some ways, Docker creates new security challenges. But if implemented in a secure way, containers can actually help to make your entire environment more secure overall than it would be if you – Read More…

07 Apr 2017 in Learning Resource

Container Registries You Might Have Missed

Registries are one of the key components that make working with containers, primarily Docker, so appealing to the masses. A registry hosts images that are downloaded and run on hosts in a container engine. A container is simply a running instance of a specific image. Think of an image as a ready-to-go package, like an – Read More…

10 Nov 2016 in Learning Resource