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Why InfoSec Teams Should Embrace Containers

Each time a new software technology arrives on the scene, InfoSec teams can get a little anxious. And why shouldn’t they? Their job is to assess and mitigate risk – and new software introduces unknown variables that equate to additional risk for the enterprise. It’s a tough job to make judgments about new, evolving, and – Read More…

12 Jun 2017 in Learning Resource

Using Containers for a More Cost-Effective Cloud

Even with the almost unimaginable efficiencies achieved by the major public cloud providers, at any given time they still have excess capacity that is left idle. And as an incentive to try to get some return on those resources, both AWS and Google Compute Engine are willing to sell those resources at a steep discount, – Read More…

22 May 2017 in Learning Resource

Running Serverless Applications on Rancher

One of the more novel concepts in systems design lately has been the notion of serverless architectures. It is no doubt a bit of hyperbole as there are certainly servers involved, but it does mean we get to think about servers differently.   The potential upside of serverless Imagine a simple web based application that – Read More…

11 May 2017 in Learning Resource