Docker Randstad August Meetup

The next Docker Randstad meetup is being held at TQ, the best venue in Amsterdam.

Get your apps in production on any infra with ease.

Join Sebastiaan van Steenis, Support Engineer at Rancher Labs, as he demonstrates you how to get your apps into production using Rancher. It doesn’t matter where your bare-metal or virtual machines come from, we will built a container platform using multiple providers and show how you can focus on quickly getting your apps from dev to production instead of spending time on managing infrastructure for your containers.

Doors open at 6:30PM.  The talks start promptly at 7:00 (building entry ends at 7:30).

Food and Drink provided

You will have to bring your own thirst for knowledge.

Free eBook: Continuous Integration and Deployment with Docker and Rancher

Supercharge your CI/CD Pipeline with Containers

This hands-on guidebook provides a detailed overview of how to integrate containers into your build, test, and deployment processes to dramatically improve software delivery and operations.

Free eBook: CI/CD Pipelines with Docker and Rancher

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