Meetup: Monolothic to Microservices – Transforming Infrastructure with Docker, Rancher, and Alertacall

At Alertacall, adopting containerisation was driven by the modernisation of legacy, monolithic applications in an effort to improve services and reduce cost. This transformation came with many important questions relevant to all organisations looking to modernise their estate with containers – how to maintain a high level of application security as applications become portable and distributed, how to maintain persistent data stores, integration with the older application and data estate, and also how to upskill a small team with emerging, evolving technology while maintaining quality of service.

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Recording: The Great Container Monitoring Bakeoff

Feat. Sysdig, Datadog, and Prometheus

Wondering which container monitoring solution to pick? The recording of our October online meetup features demos and comparisons of three of the most popular options out there.