Recording: Running Docker and Rancher Locally on Dev Machines – May 2016 Online Meetup

Rancher is a powerful platform for running large clusters and deploying complex apps into production. But a growing number of users are starting to run it locally on developer machines as a fully-contained DevOps platform.  In our May meetup, we discussed some of the benefits to developers of running Rancher locally.

Our discussion and demonstration was led by Chris Urwin, Rancher’s UK DevOps Lead. We were also joined by Mark Matthews, principal at ARKM Enterprise, who discussed how he has implemented Rancher on developer machines at one of the world’s largest health care organizations.

13:37 Running Docker and Rancher on Dev Machines – Chris
27:30 Demo: Building a Local Deployment – Chris
1:24:40 User Story: How we develop with Rancher – Mark Matthews

Please join us for next months online meetup.





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