The perfect place to run Docker

RancherOS is a tiny Linux distro that runs the entire OS as Docker containers.

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RancherOS is a minimalist Linux distribution perfect for running Docker containers. By running Docker directly on top of the kernel and delivering Linux services as containers, RancherOS delivers just what you need to build what you want.

A Fast, Lightweight OS

RancherOS is the smallest, easiest way to run containers at scale in production, and includes only the services needed to run Docker. By removing unneeded libraries, and running the latest version of Docker by default, RancherOS reduces the hassle with updating, patching, and maintaining your container host operating system. Containers on RancherOS boot in seconds, making it easy for teams to move and scale quickly.

An OS made of Containers

Everything in RancherOS is a container. One instance of Docker runs directly on the kernel, replacing the traditional init system, and system services run within this System Docker. User containers run inside a separate daemon we call User Docker.

Managing RancherOS

Traditional Linux distributions have to be manually tracked by sysadmins. RancherOS is designed from the ground up to leverage the Docker API and host sophisticated management agents. Teams can use the Rancher container management platform to easily manage RancherOS at large scale in production.

Supercharge your CI/CD Pipeline with Containers

Continuous Integration Book

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This hands-on guidebook provides a detailed overview of how to integrate containers into your build, test and deployment processes to dramatically improve software delivery and operations.

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