Relax. This container thing is actually pretty easy.

Say hello to Rancher, the container management platform that makes everything easy.

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Rancher natively supports and manages all of your Kubernetes, Mesos, and Swarm clusters.

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Powerful and massively flexible, Kubernetes reflects years of experience running containers at Google.

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Docker Swarm

Easy to learn and beautifully designed, Docker Swarm is native clustering for anyone familiar with Docker.

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Built for hugely distributed workloads, Mesos powers countless web-scale businesses across the globe.

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Rancher allows teams to deploy and manage Kubernetes environments with the click of a button.

Define and connect container services to deploy complex applications

Health checks monitor service availability and automatically respond to incidents

Rancher can deploy and manage any Linux machine in a cluster, regardless of where it runs.

The Rancher management service can be deployed as a fully distributed set of services for high availability

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Case Study

We picked Rancher because it met our core requirements of speaking Docker natively, being easy to set up, and working on all our different infrastructure. Best of all, Rancher just works, and our developers love it.

Steve Woodruff
DevOps Automation Engineer

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Rancher is incredibly easy to use, however, we do recommend you at least flip through the docs to get a feel for some of the concepts and design options you’ll face. You can find all of our docs online as well as in the help section of Rancher.


Want a crash course in using Rancher, join us for our free online Rancher training courses.

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Deploying Rancher takes less than 5 minutes, and is by far the best way to quickly understand the platform.


Containers are new, and can be confusing. We’re here to help.


Rancher is deployed as a Docker container, and can be launched on any server or virtual machine running Docker.