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Terraforming Rancher Deployments on Digital Ocean

November 6, 2017

Having a cool deployment system is pretty neat, but one thing every engineer learns one way or another is that manual processes aren’t processes, they’re chores. If you have to do something more than once, you should automate it if you can. Of course, if the task of automating the process takes longer than the total projected time you’ll spend executing the process, you shouldn’t automate it. Read more

Architecture of Rancher's Docker-machine Integration

March 31, 2015

As you may have seen, Rancher recently announced our integration with docker-machine. This integration will allow users to spin up Rancher compute nodes across multiple cloud providers right from the Rancher UI. In our initial release, we supported Digital Ocean. Amazon EC2 is soon to follow and we’ll continue to add more cloud providers as interest dictates. We believe this feature will really help the Zero-to-Docker _(and Zero-to-Rancher)_ experience.

But the feature itself is not the focus of this post. In this post, I want to detail the software architerture employed to achieve this integration. Read more

Rancher adds support for Docker Machine provisioning

March 25, 2015

Docker MachineThis week we released Rancher 0.12, which adds support for provisioning hosts using Docker Machine.  We’re really excited to get this feature out, because it makes launching Rancher-enabled Docker hosts easier than ever.  If you’re not familiar with Docker Machine, it is a project that allows cloud providers to develop standard “drivers” for provisioning cloud infrastructure on the fly. You can learn more about it on the Docker website.

The first cloud we’re supporting with Docker Machine is Digital Ocean.  For our initial release, we chose Digital Ocean, because it is an excellent implementation of the machine driver. As always, the Digital Ocean team has focused on simplicity and user experience, and were fantastic to work with during our testing.  Docker machine drivers are already available for many public cloud providers, as well as vCenter, CloudStack, OpenStack and other private cloud platforms.  We will be adding support for additional drivers over the next few weeks, and documenting how you can use any driver you like.  Please feel free to let us know if there are drivers you would like us to prioritize. Read more

Building a NodeJS App using MongoDB and Rancher - part 2

March 10, 2015

In the first part of this post, I created a full Node.js application stack using MongoDB as the application’s database and Nginx as a load balancer that distributed incoming requests to two Node.js application servers. I created the environment on Rancher and using Docker containers.

In this post I will go through setting up Rancher authentication with GitHub, and creating a webhook with GitHub for automatic deployments.

Read more

Building a NodeJS App using MongoDB and Rancher - Part 1

March 6, 2015

So last week I finally got out from my “tech” comfort zone, and tried to set up a Node.js application which uses a MongoDB database, and to add an extra layer of fun I used Rancher to set up the whole application stack using Docker containers.

I designed a small application with Node, its only function is to calculate the number of hits on the website, you can find the code at Github.

The setup was to add an Nginx container as a load balancer at the front-end to serve two back-end Node application containers, and then have the two Node servers connect to a MongoDB database container. In this setup I will use 5 machines from Digital Ocean, 4 to build the application stack with the highest availability, and the 5th as a Rancher server.

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