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DockerCon EU Impressions

October 20, 2017

I just came back from DockerCon EU. I have not met a more friendly and helpful group of people than the users, vendors, and Docker employees at DockerCon. It was a well-organized event and a fun experience.

I went into the event with some questions about where Docker was headed. Solomon Hykes addressed these questions in his keynote, which was the highlight of the entire show. Docker embracing Kubernetes is clearly the single biggest piece of news coming out of DockerCon. Read more

Getting Started with GKE

October 19, 2017

Google Container Engine, or GKE for short (the K stands for Kubernetes), is Google’s offering in the space of Kubernetes runtime deployments. When used in conjunction with a couple of other components from the Google Cloud Platform, GKE provides a one-stop shop for creating your own Kubernetes environment, on which you can deploy all of the containers and pods that you wish without having to worry about managing Kubernetes masters and capacity. Read more

Where is Docker headed?

October 15, 2017

I am heading to Copenhagen this week to attend DockerCon Europe 2017 (you can still register for the conference here.) Because we created Rancher to serve the market needs resulting from the widespread adoption of Docker technology, we have maintained a strong presence at every DockerCon conference over the last three years.   Read more

Rancher 2.0 First Impressions

September 28, 2017

If you’ve followed the container space recently, you’ve likely seen the influx of Kubernetes-related technologies being announced. So, when another one comes along, it’s easy to be less than excited about it. However, in the case of Rancher’s recent product announcement, it’s well worth your time. The engineering team at Rancher Labs has been working on some new ideas that I think will have a real influence on the way we all think about Kubernetes (K8s). Here are the top three aspects that interest me. Read more

[Press Release] Rancher Labs Launches Rancher 2.0, the First Container Management Platform to Work with Any Kubernetes Cluster

Rancher Labs Launches Rancher 2.0, the First Container Management Platform to Work with Any Kubernetes Cluster

Rancher 2.0 technical preview makes it easier to use both self-managed and cloud-managed Kubernetes clusters

Cupertino, Calif. – September 26, 2017 – Rancher Labs, a provider of container management software, today announced the availability of the technical preview of Rancher 2.0. This latest release makes it possible to manage all Kubernetes clusters under a single Rancher instance. Users can stand up and manage new Kubernetes clusters using the Rancher Kubernetes distribution or import existing Kubernetes clusters, including hosted container services such as Google Container Engine. Read more

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