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Setting Up Shared Volumes with Convoy-NFS

August 18, 2016


If you have been working with Docker for any length of time, you probably already know that shared volumes and data access across hosts is a tough problem. While the Docker ecosystem is maturing, implementing persistent storage across environments still seems to be a problem for most folks. Luckily, Rancher has been working on this problem and come up with a unique solution that addresses most of these issues. Running a database with shared storage still isn’t widely recommended, but for many other use cases, sharing volumes across hosts is good practice.

Much of the guide was inspired by one of the Rancher Online meetups. Additionally, here is a little reference to go from that includes some of the NFS configuration information if you want to build something like this yourself from scratch.

Rancher Convoy

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Convoy project by Rancher is aimed at making persistent volume storage easy. Convoy is a very appealing volume plugin because it offers a variety of different options. For example, there is EBS volume and S3 support, along with VFS/NFS support, giving users some great and flexible options for provisioning shared storage.


This is a little recipe for standing up a Dockerized NFS server for the convoy-nfs service to connect to. Docker-NFS is basically a poor man’s EFS, and you should only run this if you are confident that the server won’t get destroyed or the data simply isn’t important enough to matter if it is lost. You can find more information about the Docker NFS server I used here.

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