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Continuous Delivery of Everything with Rancher, Drone, and Terraform

August 16, 2017

It’s 8:00 PM. I just deployed to production, but nothing’s working. Oh, wait. the production Kinesis stream doesn’t exist, because the CloudFormation template for production wasn’t updated. Okay, fix that. 9:00 PM. Redeploy. Still broken. Oh, wait. The production config file wasn’t updated to use the new database. Okay, fix that. Finally, it works, and it’s time to go home.

Ever been there? How about the late night when your provisioning scripts work for updating existing servers, but not for creating a brand new environment? Or, a manual deployment step missing from a task list? Or, a config file pointing to a resource from another environment?

Each of these problems stems from separating the activity of provisioning infrastructure from that of deploying software, whether by choice, or limitation of tools. The impact of deploying should be to allow customers to benefit from added value or validate a business hypothesis. In order to accomplish this, infrastructure and software are both needed, and they normally change together. Thus, a deployment can be defined as:

  • reconciling the infrastructure needed with the infrastructure that already exists; and
  • reconciling the software that we want to run with the software that is already running.

With Rancher, Terraform, and Drone, you can build a continuous delivery pipeline that lets you deploy this way. Let’s look at a sample system: Read more

AWS and Rancher: Building a Resilient Stack

March 16, 2017

In my prior posts, I’ve written about how to ensure a highly resilient workloads using Docker, Rancher, and various open source tools. For this post, I will build on this prior knowledge, and to setup an AWS infrastructure for Rancher with some commonly used tools. If you check out the repository here, you should be able to follow along and setup the same infrastructure.

The final output of our AWS infrastructure will look like the following picture:

In case you missed the prior posts, they’re available on the Rancher blog and cover some reliability talking points. Lets use those learning and create a running stack.
Read more

Managing Container Clusters with Terraform and Rancher

February 2, 2017

Infrastructure as code is a practice of codifying and automating the deployment and management of infrastructure with tooling. This allows for testing, reviewing, approving, and deploying infrastructure changes with the same processes and tools as application code. In this blog post, we’ll walk through using Rancher and Terraform to implement infrastructure as code, using the recently built-in Rancher Terraform provider.

Terraform from Hashicorp is a tool for abstracting service and provider APIs into declarative configuration files. It then tracks the state of the infrastructure and converges it to match the specified configuration. Terraform ships with built-in support for a variety of cloud providers (AWS, CenturyLink Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, VMware vSphere, etc.) and other services such as BitBucket, GitHub, Fastly, Heroku DNSimple, and Rancher. The full list of providers can be found at online in the Terraform docs. Read more