5 lessons from the Lighthouse Roadshow in 2019

Tom Callway
Tom Callway
Gray Calendar Icon December 5, 2019
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Having completed a series of twelve Lighthouse Roadshow events across Europe and North America in six months, Tom Callway reflects on the rapid growth of the Kubernetes ecosystem, the importance of community and personal development.

Rio: Revolutionizing the Way You Deploy Applications

Rio Beta was released on November 19. This article gives you a broad introduction to the features and capabilities of this awesome application deployment engine for Kubernetes.

November 19, 2019
Read time: 10 min

Why K3s Is the Future of Kubernetes at the Edge

IOT and Edge systems are pushing the limits of where containers and Kubernetes can run. Bhumik Patel from Arm takes a moment to talk about why this is important and how K3s solves the challenges that these deployments face.

November 19, 2019
Read time: 6 min

Rancher Labs Industry Survey Shows Rapid Adoption of Containers and Kubernetes, But Challenges Remain

To get an accurate picture of the current state of Kubernetes deployments, Rancher Labs recently conducted an industry survey that included 1,106 respondents from large and small enterprises. Read the results here.

November 6, 2019
Read time: 2 min