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Recorded May Meetup: Introduction to RancherVM

Recently, we announced RancherVM, an open source project that makes it possible to run KVM virtual machines embedded in Docker containers. Yesterday, we hosted an online meetup to demonstrate this new project and answer questions about how it works, and why you might want to use it for. We recorded that video, and have posted it here. You can download RancherVM from GitHub. If you’d like to speak to someone about how to get involved with RancherVM, please request a demonstration.

event May 14, 2015
timer Read Time: 1 minutes

Building an HTML5 game with GlusterFS, Docker and Rancher

GlusterFS is a scalable, highly available, and distributed network file system widely used for applications that need shared storage including cloud computing, media streaming, content delivery networks, and web cluster solutions. High availability is ensured by the fact that storage data is redundant, so in case one node fails another will cover it without service interruption. In this post I’ll show you how to create a GlusterFS cluster for Docker that you can use to store your containers data.

event May 8, 2015
timer Read Time: 10 minutes

Magento Deployment with Docker Updated, Using Load Balancers for Scalability and Availability

A little over a month ago I wrote about setting up a Magento cluster on Docker using Rancher. At the I identified some short comings of Rancher such as its lack of support fot load-balancing. Rancher released support for load balancing and docker machine with 0.16, and I would like to revisit our Magento deployment to cover the use of load balancers for scalability as well as availability. Furthermore, I would also like to cover how the docker machine integration makes it easier to launch Rancher compute nodes directly from the Rancher UI.

event May 4, 2015
timer Read Time: 9 minutes

Remembering Paul Hudak

Renowned computer scientist Paul Hudak, one of the designers of the Haskell programming language, died of leukemia this week. There’s been an outpouring of reactions from people Paul’s life and work has touched. Paul was my Ph.D. adviser at Yale in the 1990s. He supervised my work, paid for my education, and created an environment that enabled me to learn from some of the brightest minds in the world. Paul was an influential figure in the advancement of functional programming.

event May 1, 2015
timer Read Time: 5 minutes

Recorded April Online Meetup - Docker Compose and Microservices

On April 29th, Shannon Williams and Darren Shepherd hosted an online meetup to talk about deploying microservices based applications using Docker Compose and Rancher. The session included demonstrations of how to build a Docker Compose file, and how to use Rancher’s upcoming services capability to deploy, scale and manage docker environments. The first hour of the video includes overview content and the demonstrations. The rest of the recording are questions from the attendees.

event April 30, 2015
timer Read Time: 1 minutes

Building a Continuous Integration Environment using Docker, Jenkins and OpenVPN

Since I started playing with Docker I have been thinking that its network implementation is something that will need to be improved before I could really use it in production. It is based on container links and service discovery but it only works for host-local containers. This creates issues for a few use cases, for example when you are setting up services that need advanced network features like broadcasting/multicasting for clustering.

event April 24, 2015
timer Read Time: 11 minutes

Docker Load Balancing Now Available in Rancher 0.16

Hello, my name is Alena Prokharchyk and I am a part of the software development team at Rancher Labs. In this article I’m going to give an overview of a new feature I’ve been working on, which was released this week with Rancher 0.16 - a Docker Load Balancing service. One of the most frequently requested Rancher features, load balancers are used to distribute traffic between docker containers. Now Rancher users can configure, update and scale up an integrated load balancing service to meet their application needs, using either Rancher’s UI or API.

Alena Prokharchyk
Alena Prokharchyk
event April 21, 2015
timer Read Time: 4 minutes

Docker Monitoring Continued: Prometheus and Sysdig

I recently compared several docker monitoring tools and services. Since the article went live we have gotten feedback about additional tools that should be included in our survey. I would like to highlight two such tools; Prometheus and Sysdig cloud. Prometheus is a capable self-hosted solution which is easier to manage than sensu. Sysdig cloud on the other hand provides us with another hosted service much like Scout and Datadog.

event April 20, 2015
timer Read Time: 15 minutes

Introducing RancherVM: Package and Run Virtual Machines as Docker Containers

Virtual machines and containers are two of my favorite technologies. I have always wondered about different ways they can work together. It has become clear over time these two technologies compliment each other. True there is overlap, but most people who are running containers today run them on virtual machines, and for good reason. Virtual machines provide the underlying computing resources and are typically managed by the IT operations teams. Containers, on the other hand, are managed by application developers and devops teams.

event April 16, 2015
timer Read Time: 5 minutes

Adding Label Support to Docker 1.6

Over the last few months our team, with the help of Daniel Walsh (@rhatdan) from Red Hat and many other community members, have worked to add support for labels in Docker 1.6. Labels allow users to attach arbitrary key value metadata to Docker images and containers. This feature, while very simple in concept, gives us the opportunity to add many powerful features to Rancher, and will benefit everyone in the Docker ecosystem.

event April 16, 2015
timer Read Time: 3 minutes


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