AI/ML Engineer

Gray Calendar Icon Published: October 20, 2020


At Rancher Labs, we build innovative, open source software for the modern enterprise. Rancher, our flagship product, is the most widely used open source Kubernetes management platform. Join us if you love to develop open source software for millions of DevOps and IT professionals.

We are looking for passionate AI/ML software engineers to help develop the next generation open-source AIOps platforms and machine learning tooling and infrastructure. If you love working with innovative open source technologies, designing cutting-edge products, and working tirelessly to achieve success, we’d love to meet with you.

The ideal candidate will work on all aspects of the product development for Rancher Labs, including market research, product definition, engineering plans, and customer engagements. This is a great opportunity to join a rapidly growing company in a disruptive industry.

What you will be doing:

  • Build next generation open-source AIOps platforms for the Kubernetes ecosystem.
  • Develop tools and services for handling machine learning workflows.
  • Understand the go-to-market strategy for all - Rancher products, and work on all aspects of product development, including market research, requirement definition, product design, user experience, engineering plans, and customer feedback.
  • Drive product innovation and competitive research to ensure clear and compelling differentiation.
  • Engage with Rancher’s open source community to ensure continuing vibrancy and growth.
  • Work with the marketing team to communicate preview releases and deliver products to market.

What you bring to us:

  • Experience in designing and developing ML/DL systems
  • Fluency in data science programming languages (Python/R) and DL frameworks (TensorFlow/PyTorch/etc)
  • Expertise with data-oriented workflow orchestration frameworks (Kubeflow/Airflow/Kafka/etc)
  • Ability to design compelling user experience.
  • Ability to deep-dive into both the technical and user requirements for each product feature.
  • Exceptional writing and communication skills.
  • Working with open-source software and being comfortable within a Linux environment is a plus.
  • Working with multiple GPUs, CUDA is a plus


  • Arizona
  • California
  • Remote
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