Case Study: Alertacall

Gray Calendar Icon Published: August 18, 2016

Alertacall build ingenious contact technology, using Rancher to manage containers across sites and push new features faster.


Phil Powell: Chief Technology Officer


  1. Reliable container management across multiple sites
  2. Straightforward service scaling, service discovery and monitoring
  3. Faster time to production for new features
  4. Easier onboarding of new developers

Alertacall is a fast-growing business used by social housing providers, local authorities, and private customers throughout the UK. Services include Housing Proactive, a cloud-based platform for social housing providers to manage properties and communicate with residents, and CareStamp, which helps families determine whether a care worker has arrived to an appointment on time. Alertacall’s core product, OkEachDay, enables users to confirm their well-being from the comfort of their own home, with a single button.

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