Case Study: Sparefoot

Gray Calendar Icon Published: August 18, 2016

SpareFoot lets you find and reserve storage space online, in minutes. Rancher helps SpareFoot deploy containers to production at will.


Patrick Mizer: VP of Software Engineering Steve Woodruff: Director of DevOps


  1. Enabled development and operations teams with greater visibility into container deployments and infrastructure
  2. Empowered engineering teams deploy code to production at will
  3. Simplified onboarding for new team members with a private Rancher catalog

SpareFoot is the largest internet-based self-storage marketplace in the world. With over nine thousand facilities to compare and choose from across the world, SpareFoot makes it easy to find and book a self-storage unit online. SpareFoot tracks storage inventory and pricing in real time, enabling customers to confidently reserve self-storage space at-will.

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