Container Logging with Docker and ELK - September 2015 Recorded Online Meetup

Gray Calendar Icon Published: September 17, 2015
Gray Calendar Icon Updated: September 11, 2019

loggingContainer logging is a common challenge for container deployments. Logging with containers is a bit different than traditional logging, because the logs for each container are nested within the container. On September 16th, we hosted an online meetup discussing all aspects of container logging, and demonstrating how to build a scalable logging service for Docker and Rancher that uses Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK), along with Logspout. In the meetup Rancher DevOps lead Bill Maxwell discussed: • Docker Logging Challenges • Options for gathering logs from containers • System and Application logging requirements • Deploying an ELK stack using Docker Compose with Rancher • Scaling and managing a production ELK deployment You can view a recording of the meetup below. Bill also recently posted a blog about how he built our ELK stack here at Rancher Labs. If you’d like to Learn more about Rancher, please join our Betaprogram.

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