Optoro: Driving Sustainability in Retail with Kubernetes

Optoro: Driving Sustainability in Retail with Kubernetes

Location: Washington, DC

Industry: logistics (returns in retail)

The Highlights

  • Moved from the cloud to on-prem for cost reduction and predictability - Converted VMs to Docker containers
  • Successful migration with Rancher -- running 13 of 42 services in production
  • Rancher simplifies governance with one universal API
  • Rancher provides flexibility to extend data centers on demand

Who Is Optoro?

Optoro is the world’s leading returns optimization platform. It has pioneered a model of reverse logistics that help solve the world’s excess goods problem. Optoro uses machine learning and predictive analytics to route the world’s returned and excess goods to their next best home, whether it’s an end consumer, charity or recycler–anywhere in the world.

Zach Dunn is Optoro’s Senior Director of Platform Operations and Chief Information Security Officer. With environmental responsibility at the heart of everything the company does, Dunn’s mission is to find smarter, more secure and agile ways to manage his infrastructure. Having moved out of the cloud into the data center, to keep compute costs down, Dunn has taken Optoro on a journey toward containers. With Rancher, the team is working with Kubernetes to drive greater scale, efficiency and sustainability into the business.

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