This section contains instructions for installing K3s in various environments. Please ensure you have met the Installation Requirements before you begin installing K3s.

Installation and Configuration Options provides guidance on the options available to you when installing K3s.

High Availability with an External DB details how to set up an HA K3s cluster backed by an external datastore such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or etcd.

High Availability with Embedded DB details how to set up an HA K3s cluster that leverages a built-in distributed database.

Air-Gap Installation details how to set up K3s in environments that do not have direct access to the Internet.

Disable Components Flags details how to set up K3s with etcd only nodes and controlplane only nodes


If you installed K3s with the help of the script, an uninstall script is generated during installation. The script is created on your node at /usr/local/bin/ (or as