RancherOS is available as an image with Azure Resource Management. Please note that RancherOS is only offered in Azure Resource Management and not available in the Azure Service Management.

Note: Currently, we only have v0.3.1 available as an image in Azure and it does not support passing in cloud config files. We are working on adding a new version that has cloud config enabled. Also, only certain regions are supported with RancherOS on Azure.

Launching Rancheros through the Azure Portal

Using the new Azure Resource Management portal, click on Marketplace. Search for RancherOS. Click on Create.

Follow the steps to create a virtual machine.

In the Basics step, provide a name for the VM, use rancher as the user name and select the SSH public key option of authenticating. Add your ssh public key into the appropriate field. Select the Resource group that you want to add the VM to or create a new one. Select the location for your VM.

In the Size step, select a virtual machine that has at least 1GB of memory.

In the Settings step, you can use all the default settings to get RancherOS running.

Review your VM and buy it so that you can Create your VM.

After the VM has been provisioned, click on the VM to find the public IP address. SSH into your VM using the rancher username.

$ ssh rancher@<public_ip_of_vm> -p 22