Fleet is GitOps at scale. Fleet is designed to manage up to a million clusters. It’s also lightweight enough that it works great for a single cluster too, but it really shines when you get to a large scale. By large scale we mean either a lot of clusters, a lot of deployments, or a lot of teams in a single organization.

Fleet is a separate project from Rancher, and can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster with Helm.


For information about how Fleet works, see this page.

Accessing Fleet in the Rancher UI

Fleet comes preinstalled in Rancher. To access it, click ☰ > Continuous Delivery.

Windows Support

For details on support for clusters with Windows nodes, see this page.

GitHub Repository

The Fleet Helm charts are available here.

Using Fleet Behind a Proxy

For details on using Fleet behind a proxy, see this page.


The Fleet documentation is at https://fleet.rancher.io/.