Rancher logging has two roles, logging-admin and logging-view.

  • logging-admin gives users full access to namespaced Flows and Outputs
  • logging-view allows users to view namespaced Flows and Outputs, and ClusterFlows and ClusterOutputs

Why choose one role over the other? Edit access to ClusterFlow and ClusterOutput resources is powerful. Any user with it has edit access for all logs in the cluster.

In Rancher, the cluster administrator role is the only role with full access to all rancher-logging resources. Cluster members are not able to edit or read any logging resources. Project owners and members have the following privileges:

Project Owners Project Members
able to create namespaced Flows and Outputs in their projects’ namespaces only able to view the Flows and Outputs in projects’ namespaces
can collect logs from anything in their projects’ namespaces cannot collect any logs in their projects’ namespaces

Both project owners and project members require at least one namespace in their project to use logging. If they do not, then they may not see the logging button in the top nav dropdown.