This cluster uses the default Nginx controller to allow traffic into the cluster.

A Rancher administrator or cluster owner can configure Rancher to deploy Istio in a Kubernetes cluster.

If the cluster has a Pod Security Policy enabled there are prerequisites steps

  1. From the Global view, navigate to the cluster where you want to enable Istio.
  2. Click Tools > Istio.
  3. Optional: Configure member access and resource limits for the Istio components. Ensure you have enough resources on your worker nodes to enable Istio.
  4. Click Enable.
  5. Click Save.

Result: Istio is enabled at the cluster level.

The Istio application, cluster-istio, is added as an application to the cluster’s system project.

When Istio is enabled in the cluster, the label for Istio sidecar auto injection,istio-injection=enabled, will be automatically added to each new namespace in this cluster. This automatically enables Istio sidecar injection in all new workloads that are deployed in those namespaces. You will need to manually enable Istio in preexisting namespaces and workloads.

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