Mastering Microservices - Recorded November 2015 Online MEetup

mastering microservices with rancherOn November 24th, we hosted an online meetup that provided a detailed overview of how to automate the deployment and upgrade of complex production application stacks using microservices, Rancher and Docker. We used Ampache, an open-source music streaming platform, to demonstrate how to deploy a scalable, distributed service using Rancher.  As always, Rancher co-founders Darren Shepherd and Shannon Williams answered dozens and dozens of questions, and demoed nearly constantly over more than two hours to hundreds of attendees.

Specifically, over the course of the meetup we explained how to: • Use Docker Compose to define and manage apps. • Leverage container scheduling, container metadata and service discovery • Manage environment variables, config files, and dynamic reloading • Upgrade applications using Rolling and blue/green approaches

We’ve made a recording of the meetup available below. If you’re interested in joining our next online meetup, please register.

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