Recording: Introducing Convoy - August 2015 Online Meetup

Over the last few months our team at Rancher Labs has been working on building software that would allow users to create and manage persistent Docker volumes. With the release of Docker 1.8, which now officially supports Docker volume drivers, we announced Convoy, an open-source Docker volume driver that can snapshot, backup and restore Docker volumes anywhere.

Convoy is designed to be a standalone Docker volume driver that runs on individual Linux hosts. Our initial implementation of Convoy utilizes Linux Device Mapper to deliver four key storage functions for Docker volumes: 

  1. Create thin provisioned volumes
  2. Take snapshots of volumes
  3. Incrementally backup snapshots to object stores, such as Amazon S3
  4. Restore volumes on any host running Convoy
On August 26th we demonstrated Convoy and discussed our plans for incorporating it into Rancher. We walked through example use cases, and discussed how Convoy can be extended to work with other backend storage platforms. You can view a recording of this meetup below.


To get started with Convoy, please download it on GitHub.

You can view other, upcoming meetups here.

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