Recording: Monitoring Docker with Sysdig and Rancher - October 2015 Online Meetup

[caption id=“attachment_2813” align=“alignright” width=“300”]Screenshot: Sysdig Monitoring Rancher Environment Meetup Screenshot: Bill Maxwell Demonstrates Sysdig monitoring his Rancher environment[/caption]

Yesterday we hosted an online meetup with the team from Sysdig, in which we discussed best practices for monitoring Docker, and some of the unique challenges around applying monitoring policies to containers. Over the course of the meetup, we introduced Rancher and Sysdig, and demonstrated how we’re using Sysdig here at Rancher to manage our containers.

The meetup included a number of presentations, and we’ve included the agenda below along with direct links to that portion of the meetup if you’d like to jump ahead at all. • Rancher Overview - Shannon Williams, Rancher (direct link) • Sysdig Overview - Chris Crane, Sysdig (direct link) • Demo: Best practices for monitoring containers - BIll Maxwell, Rancher (direct link) • Demo: Deep container monitoring with Sysdig- Gianluca Borello, Sysdig  (direct link) • Demo: Sysdig Cloud (direct link) • Monthly Update on latest Rancher enhancements (direct link)

We’ve included the entire video below. If you would like to try out Rancher, please join our beta program. You can learn more about Sysdig on their website.


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