Recording: Introducing Apache Mesos Environments in Rancher - June 2016 Online Meetup

Tuesday May 31, 2016

mesos-meetup-headerRecently we announced the availability of Mesos as a new type of environment in Rancher. In our June meetup, we provided an introduction to running Mesos, and demonstrated how to easily deploy Mesos environments on any infrastructure in minutes.  In this meetup we discussed some of the workloads that are well suited for Mesos, and demonstrated how to easily deploy Mesos frameworks such as Marathon and Chronos.

We have included the video and slides below, and you can jump to any of the sections easily by following the links below:

  • Rancher Overview: 8:20
  • Mesos Overview: 12:50
  • Mesos Demonstration: 22:00
  • Deploying Chronos and Marathon: 28:40
  • Rancher 1.1 Features: 48:33
  • General Q&A: 1:03:00




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