Recording: Sizzling Hot Docker Pipeline Automation with the New Rancher CLI – July 2016 Online Meetup

Summer is here, and we’re releasing a hot new CLI!

online meetup

Who says CLIs aren’t the sexiest part of a product? They are the backbone of DevOps and when it comes to automating your pipeline there is nothing better.  In August we are rolling out a new CLI for Rancher, and we want to show you how to use it with Docker to automate all aspects of your delivery pipeline.  In our July meetup, we talked Docker pipeline automation and how to use the new Rancher CLI to deploy applications, manage upgrades, infrastructure provisioning, troubleshooting and more.

We were also joined by Jason Greathouse, Director of DevOps Architecture at LeanKit, who will share how his team is running Docker in production. We’ve posted a full recording of the meetup below, along with slides.  You can also download an early release of the new CLI and try it out for yourself.

You can jump forward to specific portions of the meetup below:

  • New Rancher CLI Overview- Shannon: 7:47
  • New CLI Demo - Darren: 11:42
  • Lean Kit Pipeline Automation - Jason: 1:22:05
  • Rancher 1.1.1 Update - Shannon: 2:20:00

To learn more about using Rancher to run containers in production, please join us this month for our next online meetup:

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