Recording: Tips, Tricks and Tools for Running Containers like a Pro - April 2016 Online Meetup

April 16 Meetup OverviewIn our April Rancher Online meetup, Darren Shepherd and Shannon Williams walked through a handful of best practices for running your apps successfully using Docker and Rancher. We have posted a recording and the slides below. During the video, we discuss how to leverage web hooks to scale up and redeploy environments using Cowbell, how to manage secrets with Vault, how to deploy a dashboard for capacity management with Prometheus, and how to clean up orphaned images and volumes with Janitor.

We were also joined by Rancher Dir. of DevOps Bill Maxwell who introduces a new Rancher integration with Vault.

Finally, Brandon Papworth shared how he and the team at app design studio Dom & Tom, migrated their apps to Docker and Rancher.

11:42 - Tips, Tricks and Tools - Shannon 19:15 - Cowbell overview and demo - Darren 44:44 - Prometheus overview and demo - Darren 1:02:00 - Janitor overview and demo - Darren 1:07:20 - Vault overview and demo - Bill 1:38:16 - User Story - Dom & Tom - Brandon 2:08:50 - Latest Rancher Update - Darren



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