Q4 Meetup - Data Paths and Policies with CNI Plugins and Rancher update


1) Data Paths and Policies with CNI Plugins by Raymond Maika, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at CENGN

A summary of different implementations of the data path for pods that are provided by different CNI plugins. Specifically looking at the host-gw and vxlan backends with Calico and Weave Net, respectively. Also, a look at how these two plugins implement K8s policy on the created networks.

2) Kubernetes for All by William Jimenez at Rancher

Kubernetes has shown considerable traction since its debut in 2014, however there is still a significant portion of enterprises that have chosen other solutions for managing containers over Kubernetes. Given its technical leadership in the community this begs the question, why aren’t more using it? In this talk we will address some of the reasons for this gap, and ideas for how we can solve it including what we are doing at Rancher Labs on this front.