Rancher Rodeo: Cologne, Germany

Rancher Rodeo: Cologne, Germany

Looking to improve your container skills, learn about different orchestrators, and manage containers in production?

Then join Rancher Labs for a free, hands-on interactive workshop focused on giving you the core skills needed to deploy a highly-available, well-monitored Docker container cluster. This half-day session will cover:

  • Deploying Docker on any cloud or infrastructure
  • Building container environments and determining which orchestrator is right for your use case
  • Protecting your application with best practices for security and availability
  • Learn how to persist container file data to an NFS folder
Rancher Rodeo Cologne will be Friday, 22 September from 12:00pm to 5pm.

We are now at capacity for this event.  You can either register for the Hamburg rodeo or add yourself to the waitlist for Cologne.

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