Kubecon 2018 Lecture: Writing Kubernetes Controllers for CRDs

Kubecon 2018 Lecture: Writing Kubernetes Controllers for CRDs

Thursday May 3, 2018 Copenhagen

Kubernetes as a platform is at the stage where more and more features are being developed and deployed as external controllers. And writing an extension in most of the cases implies use of CRD – a Custom Resource Definition – to manage and represent the resources your application creates. During this talk we will go over the entire management cycle for CRD resource starting with defining types, schema and client, following by controlling the resource using informers and leveraging object’s fields like:

  • Spec, Status, Metadata, Labels
  • Finalizers
  • Owner References
  • Conditions

Each aspect of CRD management has its own challenges, and they will be highlighted along with the alternative solutions as a part of a live demo.

This lecture will be given at Kubecon in Copenhagen on May 3rd.


Alena ProkharchykAlena is a Principal Software Engineer at Rancher Labs, who’s been working on building infrastructure services first for Virtual Machines, now for containers with main focus on Kubernetes. She enjoys helping others make sense of problems and explore solutions together. In her free time Alena enjoys rollerblading, reading books on totally random subjects and listening to other people’s stories.

Participated as a speaker in Kubecon 2016 and 2017 USA

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