Amsterdam Kubernetes Day

Rancher Labs will be at the Amsterdam Kubernetes Day on June 26th, 2018

Amsterdam Kubernetes Day

Amsterdam Kubernetes Day

Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rancher Labs is a Gold level sponsor of the Amsterdam Kubernetes Day on June 26th, 2018. We’re excited to participate in and promote this day where speakers and attendees can share knowledge of production Kubernetes implementations and the ecosystem growing up around it. Two easy ways to connect with the Rancher team at Amsterdam Kubernetes Day:

  1. Come visit our booth and see a hands-on demo of Rancher 2.0.
  2. Visit our Field Engineer Jan Bruder’s lecture:

Managing Kubernetes the easy way

While the task of creating Kubernetes clusters has become easier than ever thanks to tools like Kubespray, kops, RKE or even managed services like GKE, the challenge of deploying and managing highly available, production-grade container environments doesn’t end at provisioning a set of virtual machines and bootstrapping K8s components. Common problems that Operations teams are typically facing when adopting K8s in their organisation include:

  • Ensuring consistency of cluster configuration across heterogoenous infrastructures in the cloud or on-premises

  • Implementing organizational policies and secure access to administration and workload management

  • Providing visibility into cluster and application performance through monitoring and logging

  • Making Kubernetes easily consumable by users throughout the development pipeline

  • Implementing multi-tenancy in clusters across different projects or teams

During this talk we will demonstrate how DevOps and Operations teams can leverage Rancher, the open source management platform for Kubernetes, to facilitate the deployment and management of Kubernetes, starting from the provisioning, bootstrapping and configuration of clusters to enabling operational visibility and centralized authentication and policy management.

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