DevOps Gathering 2018

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Going to be in Bochum, Germany February 21st and 22nd? Lucky you! Attend the workshops, talks and networking opportunities of the DevOps Gathering. Our Rancher Partner Bee42 is organizing the conference and presenting.

What is the DevOps Gathering?

The DevOps Gathering is an international conference located in Bochum - surrounded by the metropolitan area of the Ruhr Valley. This melting pot of past times industrial revolutions is nowadays a hot spot for Germany’s IT industry - a perfect place to discuss the next big revolution of our industry, the DevOps revolution. After the first and successfull community conference in 2017 we are now in preparation of the second edition in 2018! Let’s discuss the hot topics inside the DevOps community and start talking about Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, Clouds and everything else regarding DevOps.

The bee42 solutions gmbh are hosting a non-profit conference striving for high-quality content and providing a platform for experienced international speakers at the G DATA Campus in the heart of Bochum.
The conference showcases many expert presenters and workshops. A sampling includes:
  • Building S Self-Sufficient System by Victor Farcic
  • Stateful Applications on Kubernetes by Nicolas Byl
  • The Modern IT Stack by Christian Daschner and Patrick Gruhn
Check out the complete list of happenings at the conference and get registered here.


G Data Campus

Bochum, Germany


February 19th - 21st, 2018

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