Rancher Rodeo with Aqua Security in London

Rancher Rodeo with Aqua Security in London

10:00am - 3:00pm London

Rancher Rodeo 2.0 is new and improved for 2018, with added Kubernetes and Aqua Security!

Looking to improve your container skills and manage containers in production? Rancher have now teamed up with Aqua Security in the UK to deliver a more complete workshop session with the release of the Rancher 2.0 platform. With the adoption of Kubernetes and containerisation continuing to grow and thrive in the Enterprise space, DevOps teams are looking for more functional, scalable and secure management – (re)enter Rancher Labs and Aqua Security!

Join us for a free, hands-on interactive workshop focused on giving you the core skills needed to deploy highly-available, well-monitored and secure Kubernetes clusters.

This half-day session will cover:

  • Deploying Kubernetes on any cloud or infrastructure

  • Securing your application – learning how to embed continuous security through the application lifecycle

  • Learn how to persist container file data

If you are interested in hosting a Rancher Rodeo in your location, please contact us at events@rancher.com!

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