The Great Container Management Debate

The Great Container Management Debate

The Great Container Management Debate

The Great Container Management Debate is a free community debate to draw the battle lines once and for all between competing Container Management Solutions!

Which side are you on? Kubernetes vs HashiCorp Nomad vs Docker Swarm vs Rancher.

Hosted by Contino, we’ve brought together teams of technical experts from enterprise companies to debate the strengths and weaknesses of their favourite Container Management solution!

If you want to see real-world experience and firsthand stories of using these tools in action, join us in central London on 8 February for an epic debate!

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Need more reasons to attend? Here are five:

  1. Witness technical titans fight it out in a debate-style event
  2. Compare four competing container management tools at the same time
  3. Get expert advice and recommendations on using and implementing these tools
  4. Network with hundreds of like-minded engineers
  5. Delicious dinner as well as beer and wine provided!

The Line Up

TEAM KUBERNETES: Luke Bond, Home Office; Ben Hall, Founder of Katacoda


TEAM HASHICORP NOMAD: Nic Jackson, HashiCorp Engineer; HashiCorp customer

TEAM RANCHER: Shannon Williams, Rancher Co-Founder; Rancher customer

Moderator: Cheryl Hung, StorageOS


  • 18:30 - Nibbles and drinks
  • <li>19:00 - Introductions</li>
    <li>19:05 - The debate</li>
    <li>20:00 - Q&A</li>
    <li>20:25 - Final vote!</li>
    <li>20:30 - Networking</li>


Thu 8 February 2018 18:30 – 21:30 GMT


Sainsbury’s Technology Hub 33 Holborn London EC1N 2HT United Kingdom

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