August 2019 Online Meetup: Introducing Cluster Templates

August 2019 Online Meetup: Introducing Cluster Templates

In our August Online Meetup, we will look at the new Cluster Template feature coming in Rancher 2.3!

Cluster templates allows the creation of standardized RKE Cluster configurations and settings that can be applied consistently across clusters. Templates can be configured to allow flexible overrides for settings, to enhance their reuse across Kubernetes versions or cloud providers. Templates can be created by security teams to ensure clusters are provisioned with consistent hardened configurations.

Join Principle Software Engineer Prachi Damle and Technical Product Manager Bill Maxwell as we discuss and demo:

  • How to create templates and provide overrides.
  • How to share templates between users for collaboration and consumption.
  • How an admin can enforce cluster creation from templates only.
  • How to upgrade clusters based on those templates.

As usual, bring any technical questions you may have and we will do our best to answer.

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