May 2019 Online Meetup: Introducing k3OS

May 2019 Online Meetup: Introducing k3OS

Rancher Labs is excited to announce the immediate availability of k3OS – a new lightweight operating system purpose-built for its popular k3s Kubernetes distribution. Announced in February, k3s is a lightweight Kubernetes distribution designed to run Kubernetes in resource-constrained environments.

With k3OS, developers and operators can now easily install, patch and upgrade k3s, and the underlying operating system, at the same time. Users can encapsulate both Kubernetes cluster configuration and the underlying Linux OS configuration in the same YAML files, save these YAML files in source code control systems, and apply these YAML files using kubectl. This approach simplifies the administrator experience and makes k3s clusters even more secure when running in low-touch computing environments.

In this meetup, Rancher co-founders Shannon Williams and Darren Shepherd will be on hand to demonstrate k3OS’ features and answer any questions. Join us as discuss and demo:

–What you need to install and run k3OS and k3s in resource constrained environments like the edge. –How to develop an operational model for single-node and clustered edge environments built using k3OS and k3s. –How to manage hundreds of micro-clusters using k3OS and k3s

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