Storage Developer Conference

Storage Developer Conference

Santa Clara, CA

Rancher engineer Sheng Yang will be speaking on project Longhorn during the Storage Developer Conference this September. Stay tuned to the conference agenda for updated session date and time! Stop by our booth (#TBD) at the San Diego Convention Center November 18-21 to check out a demo of our newest features, meet the Rancher team and pick up some awesome swag.

Topic: Volumes as a Microservice: Two years later - A look at Project Longhorn with Kubernetes
In 2017 Sheng talked about a new distributed block storage project Longhorn on the stage of SDC. Two years later, the key concepts that Longhorn rely on still holds, though many things have changed. For the last two years, one of the most important things in the cloud computing area is the rising of Kubernetes. As a storage system designed based on the container technology, Longhorn transformed to become a Kubernetes-based storage solution. Kubernetes brought Longhorn many more. At the same time, it also forced Longhorn to adapt.

In this session, Sheng will talk about the rising of Kubernetes, what does it bring to the table of storage, and how it affected the development of Longhorn. He will also examine how Longhorn transformed from container-based to Kubernetes-based, the changes that had to be made to accommodate Kubernetes, and what it’s like for the storage developer/vendor to work with Kubernetes

Speaker: Sheng Yang, Software Architect
Sheng Yang is a Software Architect at Rancher Labs. He currently leads Project Longhorn, Rancher’s open source Cloud Native distributed block storage solution. Before Rancher Labs, he joined Citrix through the acquisition, where he worked on CloudStack project and CloudPlatform product. Before that, he was a kernel developer at Intel, focused on KVM/Xen and Linux kernel development. He has worked in the fields of virtualization and cloud computing for the last twelve years. In his spare time, he likes playing tennis and piano.

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