Rancher 2.0 was released to general availability this month, and one of the key use cases we developed this platform for was to help organizations build a Container-as-a-Service platform using Kubernetes. In our May online meetup, we’ll dive into the reality of running an enterprise container platform built on Rancher 2.0.

During the Meetup we’ll be discussing how to meet the needs of development teams, production deployments, and IT operations. Rancher co-founders Darren Shepherd and Shannon Williams will discuss and demo:

-Approaches to workload isolation in Kubernetes -Multi-cluster management approaches -User privileges and Delegated administration -Defining centralized security policies -Optimizing infrastructure utilization

Slides for the Presentation

Rancher labs Online Meetup - May 2018: Building an Enterprise CaaS on Kubernetes with Rancher 2.0 from Rancher Labs

Questions and Answers

To see the questions and answered from the presentation, download them here.


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